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A PhD - I ask myself why did I put me through this torture?
It's been quite some time since I have posted on this website. In fact, probably since I started my PhD....
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Welcome Grep and Pixel


Pixel on Decay's lap, LumpyTraumaOverlord in background

Grep on Decay's shoulder


Grep and Pixel

Grep and Pixel

Comment thread HERE

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Moving just keep moving

Moving, just keep moving,
Till I don't know what's sane,
I've been moving so long,
The days all feel the same,

I've grown up... really I have.

The good Droidy and I have become home owners... or more correctly, mortgage repayment monkeys.

We're now struggling with having about 4 times as much space as our old apartment had. Where do hang about...? what is the designated area for anything...? Combine this with lack of internet, due to fuck ups with our ISP... we're both sort of lost at the moment.

It is getting there though, we have a friend staying with us (RSO's own LumpyTraumaOverlord) utilising the close proximity to work... and the lift he gets to work. His Xbox360 plus our new HD LCD TV has been getting a workout in our 'net less state.

Needless to say work on the new rantspace setup has stalled, but we're working through the ideas at this time... any thoughts you have on what you'd like to see on RSO let me know.

I'll take some pics of house when it's clean(ish).

Comments are still off.... so go sign up for the forums and comment in this thread

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Turn and face the spam.... ch-ch-changes....

MoveableType is now basically crapped out at trying to handle the spam, well to be honest I have had enough.

This week I'll be transfering over to something else, so try keep posts/comments to a minimum until then. Actually just comment on this post about anything...


Comments are off... that is for all of the rantspace sites.

go over here to our temp forums to chat it up

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